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Dr Rumesh KumarFounder Sharma Management International, Malaysia
Dr. Rumesh Kumar is a: - Certified Professional Trainer; Certified Knowledge Manager; Certified Project Management Professional; ScrumStudy Certified Trainer; and Certified Tetramap facilitator. He specializes in the areas of project management, knowledge management and organizational diagnostics. Dr. Rumesh is presently involved in undertaking post project reviews, and performance improvement in various projects, competency assessment and developing competency development programs as well as organizational culture profiling for senior managers in different organizations. He has conducted training programs for many well-known and reputable organizations both in Malaysia as well as abroad. He has designed, developed as well as conducted training programs for well over 2,500 executives in numerous multinationals, government linked as well as business enterprises in the areas relating to managingpeople and business strategies. In addition to designing and conducting corporate level training, he also specializes in providing consulting services such as organizational diagnostic assessments, competency assessment, cultural and leadership profiling as well as continual productivity improvement

Since Knowledge is basis of management, managing knowledge should be the basis of all management efforts

Dr Rumesh Kumar

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