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Douglas WeidnerFounder Knowledge Management Institute, USA
Douglas Weidner is one of only a few pioneering KM practitioners since KM's earliest days. He is a respected KM consultant, trainer, columnist, speaker and mentor. Douglas developed the internationally acclaimed Certified.Knowledge Manager (CKM) and Master CKM Certification Programs in 1999 - 2001, based on his KM consulting and training experiences. He first taught the CKM in June 2001 and has trained over 10,000 KMers and Certificants worldwide, from both North and South America to Europe, Africa, the Middle-East and Far East and Australia. He has trained, certified and advised KM leaders in most every U.S. Government Agency and all major U.S. military services and joint combatant commands. Internationally, he has trained KMers from over 1,000 commercial firms and government agencies--to rave reviews. His focus is on the KM Institute's KM Body of Knowledge (KMBOK™), the Knowledge Maturity Model (KMM™), and KMI's much-expanded worldwide KM Certification offerings. He is an engineering graduate of the US Air Force Academy--MBA in Business Economics (UCLA), MSIE in Operations Research.

It's one thing to simply have information / knowledge - what you do with that knowledge separates success from failure.

Douglas Weidner

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