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Design Thinking for Organization Design

KM Institute partner, Enterprise Knowledge, shares more insight on the application of Design Thinking in development of an organizational KM strategy

Mindsets for Knowledge Innovation in the 21st Century

To be successful in the 21st Century, societies, organizations and entrepreneurs will have to navigate the economic, demographic and technological sea changes that are taking place globally.

Case Study: Revitalizing a Law Firm Intranet

Law firms, like other professional services, are constantly looking to
improve our knowledge-management strategies, i.e., to share
and reuse valuable work product and leverage institutional knowledge.
When properly executed, these programs translate into efficiency, higher quality work, happier clients, and more engaged employees.
How Knowledge Managers can be Innovation Managers

Innovation management is a process focused approach to innovation. In a nutshell, it's about capturing ideas, evaluating and piloting them before executing them into the real world. The people involved with innovation management are typically a small group or even an individual. Generally, these are also the people responsible for generating ideas.

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